Local indie folk foursome Oliver Oak is playing tomorrow, Friday, April 22 at the CD102.5 Big Room Bar, where they will be releasing a brand new single, “Young Man.” I had an opportunity to listen to their release, “Sleepless Wilds” and found it a slow-moving, glossy, lazy auditory treat. “Mean Little Door of Wood” begins like molasses then soars into crystal clear harmonies and a plaintive violin. (The use of Devin Copfer’s violin adds an extra dimension to this band: “Untitled in Bm” is like a soothing, rocking railway car across the countryside, the sweet violin refrain interwoven as you drift along.) Vocally, the dynamics soothe and swell, the drums kick in, and it evolves into a slightly different, jazzy tune. Vocalist Erin Mason had a few startling moments of Joni Mitchell-isms in the tone and quality of her voice.

Oliver Oak is a cerebral take on folk music, their blurry dreaminess swirling around you, then a song like “Ivy and Wine” kicking off with a little pep in the step, plucky and jaunty.
Musically, the soft moodiness and purity of the album appealed to this more hard-core rocker girl. I would imagine seeing them interact live and experience the interweaving of their musicality would be a good show.

Doors open at 8 p.m., with Wilder Maker and Hello Emerson opening.