Now that they’ve finished filming their scenes for this past season of Game of Thrones, the guys in Valient Thorr are keeping busy by piling into a van and embarking on a tour across the great United States. Like wandering nomads, the band will roll into Ace of Cups on Thursday night, claim the stage as their own, but then abandon it in the wee hours of Friday morning, off in search of the next stage to slay.

A cursory listen to the band’s new album – Our Own Masters, released this week – finds the metal band tapping into classic rock and skater punk influences – at times it sounds like Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) fronting a Metallica that was influenced by Thin Lizzy and ZZ Top rather than the New Wave of British Metal. Don’t believe me? Listen to the entire new album for yourself.

It makes sense that Valient Thorr has invited their Game of Thrones co-stars, Gypsyhawk along to help conquer the world as the band shares a similar look and sound. Gypsyhawk’s brand new video (warning: blood and boobies show up so you might not want to watch while sitting at your work cubicle) premiered this week.

Ramming Speed and Artillery Breath round out the bill. Tickets are $10 in advance at Ace of Cups, $12 day of show.