Author: Chip Midnight

Look Who’s Talking: Lucy Spraggan

It’s probably old news to her legion of fans but for those not aware of Lucy Spraggan’s history, the singer was thrust into the UK spotlight in 2012 when she appeared on X Factor. Her audition, an original song called “Last Night (Beer Fear)”, became a viral sensation and while she didn’t win the competition, the exposure helped Spraggan get a record deal which led to touring around the world with the likes of Melissa Etheridge. Seven years after that fateful audition, Spraggan is now five albums into a career that shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. In...

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Thursday: Juliana Hatfield @ Rumba Cafe

Don’t call it a comeback … Juliana Hatfield has never gone too long between albums, even dating back to the start of her solo career which began after the Blake Babies broke up in 1991. But, Hatfield’s last three albums have really put a spotlight on singer starting with 2017’s Pussycat which took aim at predatory men including the one currently occupying the White House. 2018’s Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John didn’t so much re-imagine ONJ’s songs as it did showcase that beyond all the ’80s glitz and glamour, the songs are really, really good. This year’s Weird may...

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Friday: The Allman Betts Band @ Express Live (indoors)

Photo by Tour Manager 101 You’ve got to know what to expect from The Allman Betts Band even without hearing a full-length album from the prodigy of Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts, founding members of The Allman Brothers. While Devon Allman and Duane Betts have had a certain level of success as solo performers, put the two on stage together and you go from smaller clubs to larger venues like Express Live (indoors) where the band plays on Friday night.  If previous show setlists are an indication, expect a satisfying mix of southern rock originals, Allman Brothers covers and...

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Look Who’s Talking: Ahmed Gallab (Sinkane)

Photo by Daniel Dorsa There have been a number of features written about Ahmed Gallab’s transformation from local drummer in bands like Sweetheart and Pompeii, This Morning to touring musician in of Montreal and Yeasayer (here’s one, and another one, and then there’s this one, and don’t forget this one, and while not the last, here’s one final one for you to check out). This is not going to be another coming-of-age feature. Rather than rehash well-covered territory, I decided to focus on some Columbus-related questions that don’t necessarily have as much to do with Sinkane’s music as they...

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New show: Thom Yorke, Switchfoot, Black Mountain, Frankie Cosmos, Volcano, more

(Pictured above – Black Mountain) Lots of newly announced shows: Radiohead’s Thom Yorke dropped a surprise tour announcement earlier this week including a stop at Express Live on September 30. Billed as the Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes tour, Yorke and collaborators Nigel Godrich and Tarik Barri will likely play new music from Yorke’s forthcoming solo album (haven’t seen a release date for it yet). Tickets are $49.50 and go on sale on June 21. Fresh off the presses – Switchfoot plays The Athenaeum Theatre on October 13. Tickets are $39.50 and go on sale on June 19. If you’re looking for...

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