Author: Chip Midnight

Look Who’s Talking: Mark Kendall (Great White)

Great White headlines the Friday night lineup at the Reynoldsburg Tomato Fest. Black Coffee plays at 6:30 followed by Great White at 8:30. The show is free. It’s hard to believe that Jack Russell and Mark Kendall started Great White in 1977 – at the time, they were called Dante Fox (read below to find out where the name Great White came from). The core group – Russel on vocals, Kendall on guitars, Michael Lardie on keyboards and Audie Desbrow on drums – had a successful run from the mid-80s to the late ’90s, much longer than some of...

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Look Who’s Talking: Bryan Bassett of Foghat

Photo by Elijah Shark It’s 1983 when my family moves to Port Jefferson, Long Island just before I start junior high. I’m new to the school and don’t make a ton of friends early on as I’m trying to adjust and feel my way around. There’s a tall redhead kid with a British accent, I can’t remember if he rode the same school bus as me but I recognize him from the park that is next door to our house. I don’t think we were all that close but I definitely knew him and I’m sure we talked at...

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Do-Not-Miss-Show Alert: *repeat repeat @ The Rumba Cafe Thursday, July 25

Preview by Casey Bowers Photo by Jonny Kingsbury They are *repeat repeat and they are breaking out and blowing up and they’re going to be huge. It’s easy to say about a band, harder to defend, and damn near impossible to predict with 100% accuracy. With that said, *repeat repeat are going to be huge. After the stellar Floral Canyon with its amazing insta-classic pop single “Girlfriend,” The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney produced the Nashville duo’s 2019 super-mega-massive hit record (trust me, it will be) Glazed. He even appeared in the video, drumming on the single “Hi, I’m Waiting.”...

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