Author: Chip Midnight

Look Who’s Talking: Kelsey Waldon

Patience is paying off for Kelsey Waldon. Her debut album, 2014’s The Goldmine, recorded with the help of Kickstarter donors and featuring backing vocals from soon-to-be-notable names like Margo Price, Anderson East and Erin Rae, and 2016’s I’ve Got A Way, which landed on NPR host Ken Tucker‘s Top 10 Favorite Albums of that year, caught the ears of one of Waldon’s biggest influences, John Prine, who signed the songwriter to his Oh Boy Records label. Her debut release for Oh Boy, White Noise/White Lines, was released earlier this month and is being hailed as one of the best...

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Look Who’s Talking: Dirty Honey

Photo: Richie Davis If you’re financially invested in a festival lineup, it makes sense to read the bill top to bottom and see the most music you can for the money you spent. At this year’s inaugural Sonic Temple festival, I was a bigger fan of the undercard (the band playing earlier in the day) than the headliners and the #1 band on my “Can’t Miss” list was the ’90s-sounding shoegazers Teenage Wrist. They were the first band to hit one of the side stages so I did some research on who was playing after them. The name Dirty...

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Look Who’s Talking: Steve McDonald (Redd Kross, Melvins)

Photo by Julian Fort The co-headlining bill featuring power-popsters Redd Kross and sludge noise lords the Melvins doesn’t make a whole lot of sense until you take a look at the band lineup and realize that Redd Kross bassist Steve McDonald and Melvins drummer Dale Crover are pulling double duty and playing in both bands. Hell, even then it doesn’t make a ton of sense considering how far apart musically the two bands are and yet a bill feature two veteran indie rock bands is pretty cool. After not playing Columbus for more than 20 years, this will be...

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Thursday: Beastie Boys Tribute Act at Skully’s

Not sure how YOU feel about tribute acts but if I had the money, the business sense and the location, I would open a nightclub that featured tribute acts 7 nights a week. I’m a fan of acts that pay tribute to artists or bands that, for one reason or another, are no longer still together or are playing arenas and stadiums where the tickets I can afford are in the upper deck and so far away that it’s not even worth it. You should be familiar with tribute acts like ZOSO (Led Zeppelin), Wish You Were Here (Pink...

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Look Who’s Talking: Mark Kendall (Great White)

Great White headlines the Friday night lineup at the Reynoldsburg Tomato Fest. Black Coffee plays at 6:30 followed by Great White at 8:30. The show is free. It’s hard to believe that Jack Russell and Mark Kendall started Great White in 1977 – at the time, they were called Dante Fox (read below to find out where the name Great White came from). The core group – Russel on vocals, Kendall on guitars, Michael Lardie on keyboards and Audie Desbrow on drums – had a successful run from the mid-80s to the late ’90s, much longer than some of...

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