My old pal Tankboy just posted this on Facebook after seeing Drowners in Chicago:

Drowners were amazing tonight. If they come through your town SEE THEM. If you live in Chicago and missed them, cry when they come through next year to packed rooms on an album everyone’s buzzing about.

I feel totally out of the loop, I’ve seen the name before but haven’t listened to this NYC band until just this very minute. I knew they were coming to Columbus but didn’t realize the show is TONIGHT at Rumba.

“You’ve Got it All Wrong” is a pretty catchy little indie pop number, I think I’ll have to do some ‘xplorin’ on Wednesday to see what else I can find by these guys.

Doors at 9 for this show, $7 at the door. If Tankboy’s to believed, that’s a STEAL and next time they come to town you’ll be catching them at a larger … much larger … venue. Friendly Faux and Fields and Planes open.