Author: Stephanie Garber

Tommy Victor, Victorious: Prong Frontman Discusses the Power of Longevity

The classic thrash/industrial/metal band Prong played Ace of Cups Tuesday night – their ferocious riffs and speedy, tight rhythms shaking the venue to its core. Many metal bands are out there trying to make it, but Prong’s finesse and continually evolving sound (while still staying true to their roots) have stood the test of time. I had an opportunity to sit down and talk to founder, singer and guitarist Tommy Victor before the show.     Welcome to Columbus– thanks for this cool opportunity! My husband’s downstairs, he’s a huge fan – he saw you with Mind Over Four back in...

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Oliver Oak: Pure as Folk

Local indie folk foursome Oliver Oak is playing tomorrow, Friday, April 22 at the CD102.5 Big Room Bar, where they will be releasing a brand new single, “Young Man.” I had an opportunity to listen to their release, “Sleepless Wilds” and found it a slow-moving, glossy, lazy auditory treat. “Mean Little Door of Wood” begins like molasses then soars into crystal clear harmonies and a plaintive violin. (The use of Devin Copfer’s violin adds an extra dimension to this band: “Untitled in Bm” is like a soothing, rocking railway car across the countryside, the sweet violin refrain interwoven as you drift along.) Vocally, the dynamics soothe and swell, the drums kick in, and it evolves into a slightly different, jazzy tune. Vocalist Erin Mason had a few startling moments of Joni Mitchell-isms in the tone and quality of her voice. Oliver Oak is a cerebral take on folk music, their blurry dreaminess swirling around you, then a song like “Ivy and Wine” kicking off with a little pep in the step, plucky and jaunty. Musically, the soft moodiness and purity of the album appealed to this more hard-core rocker girl. I would imagine seeing them interact live and experience the interweaving of their musicality would be a good show. Doors open at 8 p.m., with Wilder Maker and Hello Emerson...

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Favorite Columbus Thing 2015: Stephanie Garber

How to choose, how to choose? Columbus had so many new and great things going on this year, from the CMA new wing opening to a baby polar bear making her debut at the zoo. But I’ll focus on two places that satisfy my three greatest loves: food, booze, and music! First, I always loved the hip-yet-welcoming urban vibe of the Olde Town Tavern – there was just something different about it from almost any bar I’ve frequented. So naturally, when the same people behind the Tavern opened up the Walrus, I was intrigued. And it soon became one...

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Salad Days opens tomorrow at the Gateway Film Center and runs through April 22. For show dates and times, as well as where it’s playing in other cities, check it out here: “Do you remember when? Yeah, so do I We call those the, uh, salad days The salad days And do you remember when? Yeah, so do I We call those the good old days…” So penned by Ian McKay for Minor Threat’s final EP, this exuberant, first-hand documentary of those “good old days” authentically portrays the complex, often not-what-it-seemed decade of the burgeoning, boisterous, clannish punk rock scene  in Washington, DC. Director/writer Scott Crawford lays a foundation of authenticity, having experienced these early days of punk himself. As a teenager in the DC suburbs, he started a fanzine called Metrozine that documented much of what was happening in the DC hardcore punk scene in the 1980s. At the age of 14, he released a 7″ compilation of local DC punk bands featuring Beefeater, Marginal Man, Gray Matter, and Mission Impossible (featuring a 16 year old Dave Grohl) before most of the bands had released albums on their own. Through interviews interspersed with rapid-fire visual montages of mosh footage and club scenes, the movie lays down a timeline – actually, an evolution.  From Bad Brains and S.O.A.  to the straight edge stylings of Teen Idles (notated to...

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