Comfest 2016 has come and gone.  I have a love hate relationship with this festival in recent years for various reasons.  I had a chance to take some photos.  Here they are.

cc-12 cc-10 cc-9 cc-4 cc-3 cc-91 cc-89 cc-88 cc-85 cc-84 cc-83 cc-82 cc-80 cc-76 cc-75 cc-73 cc-66 cc-64 cc-62 cc-61 cc-60 cc-59 cc-55 cc-53 cc-50 cc-47 cc-45 cc-42 cc-39 cc-38 cc-36 cc-34 cc-35 cc-27 cc-29 cc-17 cc-18 cc-15 cc-14 cc-13 cc-21 cc-23 cc-25 cc-2 cc-6