Eagulls are an English rock band currently finishing up the American leg of their tour in promotion of their newest album “Ullages.” During their Columbus stop at The Basement they sat for a couple questions. (“Ullages” is available for purchase here more tour dates can be found here.)

Who is the most underrated musician or songwriter?

George: Scott Walker

Liam: Oz?

Mark: (Laughing)

G: Oz? Nah Scott Walker, I feel like he doesn’t really get enough attention for his work. The albums from 1, 2, 3, and 4 are amazing. It seems like he’s pretty underground, it’s quite strange really.


What do you consider greatest album?

G: Mine changes all the time, but the one that I always go back to is the Iggy [Pop] “The Idiot” album because it’s just the best of both worlds of Bowie and Iggy. So it’s just perfect.


If you could tour with any band living or dead, broken up or together, who would it be?

G: It’s a tall whiff…

L: Probably more current bands. The bands I like to tour with are bands that we’re friends with. We’re quite good friends with Protomartyr, who we spent the evening with last night in Detroit. It’d be hard to say, “Oh I want to tour with someone as big as Bowie” because…

G: It would be good to watch him though.

L: It would be good to watch him every night, but you also want to play with someone who shares a mutual interest with the people there as well. So Protomartyr would be good.

G: Yes, Protomartyr! The pro-tomatoes.


What is a band that you love, that you think people would be surprised by?

G: Wham! (Laughing) No, no. I think sometimes people are quite surprised that we like more contemporary music because certain people seem to think we just listen to pop music all the time. Like Scott Walker or Bowie. I listen to all types of music and I really like classical music.

L: What about that Underworld album Henry’s been playing a lot?

G: Over and over and over again? Yeah.


What is the first album you bought?

G: I got given an Eminem cassette tape and after that I went and bought Black Flag.

M: Mine was Michael Jackson’s “Bad”

L: I had “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory” on tape.

G: I had that, but I also would buy loads of Nu Metal music because when I was little that was what was in to listen to. I bought Korn records and Slipknot and stuff like that.


Where is your favorite place to spend time when you’re not touring?

M: Maybe in Leeds?

G: But I like to go to Manchester sometimes, there’s some good galleries there.

M: Wax bar.

G: Wax bar in Leeds. I’ve spent many hours in there, spending all the money I don’t have on booze.

M: I think Sheffield as well. I’ve got some friends out there, so it’s nice when we’ve got a little break to go over there, see some gigs and stuff.


Favorite spot in America thus far?

G: I like New York.

M: I think the people really make the place. We were in Detroit yesterday and because our good friends were there, it was one of the best nights I’ve had on the tour so far. Sometimes you’re just in awe of the city and sometimes there’s not much to look at or not a lot to do, but the people make it.


What draws you to New York?

G: We’ve got quite a lot of friends there now and there’s also really good art galleries.

L: Our record label is based there as well, so we find good gigs and they treat us quite well. So it’s got that combination of all those things.

G: It’s good fun.


You’ve been mentioning art galleries, are you big into going to galleries?

G: Yeah, I like to just go on my own, stroll around and stare at things. It makes you think a little bit better.


Do you dabble in visual art?

G: Yeah I draw a lot. I do some illustrations and I did a little zine the other month. It’s basically just scanned pages of my sketchbook. I just called it “Procrastination Compilation” because it’s just doodles from when I’m procrastinating and I should be doing something better with my life.