All Dogs (photo by Hillary Jones)


I’ve lived in Columbus since 1989. There was a time in the ’90s where Columbus was on the short list to be “the next Seattle” (thanks Entertainment Weekly!) and a handful of local bands were getting national attention. While artists like Two Cow GarageLydia Loveless, Connections and The Sidekicks have continued to put Columbus on the map in recent years, it feels like most bands are content with being able to say, “We’re big within the 270 loop”. So, it’s exciting to be on the receiving end of publicist emails who are pitching songs, videos, albums by Columbus bands.

In the past 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve received emails from publicists with the following subject lines:

Are these bands getting their money’s worth from the publicists they’ve hired to help promote the stuff they’re doing? Well, The Receiver’s album is streaming on, Digisaurus got a great write-up on PopMatters, Nylon premiered Damn the Witch Siren’s new single, All Dogs will undoubtedly premiere their album on a site like Stereogum (hey, Columbus Calling doesn’t quite have the reach of Stereogum but we’d be honored to be the first site to stream the album if the band’s publicist wants to give us the exclusive) and Nervosas’ new album is streaming on Noisey. So, yeah, I’d say it’s been money well spent.

We can’t really use “the next Seattle” in 2015 (what would be the modern day version? “The next Brooklyn”? “The next Nashville”?), but things are looking up for Columbus bands and all of those trying to make a name for themselves outside of the 270 loop should be applauded.