Author: Rob Cohen

Nelsonville Music Festival 2019

This year the Nelsonville Music Festival celebrated it’s 15th anniversary.  The festival took place June 6-9, 2019, and had a diverse line up featuring everything from the OH Sees to Mavis Staples.  The festival is set in Robbin’ Crossing in the scenic Hocking Valley.  The event is a production of Stuart’s Opera House (a non profit music and arts center in Nelsonville, Ohio.  This years festival featured around 60 bands on a number of Stages from the large main stage to the intimate setting of the lo-fi cabin.  I had the privilege this year of being able to photograph...

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Sgt. Peppercorn’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – 2017

For the eighth year in a row, Joe Peppercorn and friends belted out the entire Beatles catalog at the Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio. This is one of my favorite music events each year. Thanks to Joe and the band for doing this one-of-a-kind show. The performances are fun and energetic from beginning to end.  I had the chance to take a few photos.  Enjoy!        ...

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Iain Matthews of Plainsong Interview

Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza with Zeppelin Productions will be hosting Plainsong on Monday, September 19th @ 7:30 pm.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Iain about the show and the tour.  The show will feature works from Plainsong’s catalog as well as feature their latest album, Reinventing Richard:The songs of Richard Farina.  Iain and Andy Roberts wanted to do  an album to celebrate the music of Richard Farina on the 50th anniversary of his passing. The album is a great listen.  This is a can’t miss show in Columbus.  Hope to see you there.  Enjoy the interview....

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The Body – June 2nd 2016 Show Preview and Interview with drummer Lee Buford

The Body, an art rock band consisting of Chip King and Lee Buford, has a heavy sound that is both melodic and loud.  The duo is touring in support of their latest album, No One Deserves Happiness, on Thrill Jockey Records and will be performing what promises to be a great show at the Rumba Cafe on Thursday night. I recently had the chance to speak with drummer Lee Buford.   How did The Body get it’s start? LB: Me and Chip, back in Arkansas, played in a few bands together.  We hung out all the time, he was in a couple of bands that I was in.  It just made sense. The Body has a unique, heavy droning sound, almost like a German noise band from the ’80s.  LB: That would be a good way to describe it. That’s pretty accurate. But it also has a melodic tone to it that that stuff didn’t have. It’s a interesting, it’s good stuff. I’m really enjoying the new album, No One Deserves Happiness. Where did the title of the album come from? LB: I don’t know really.  It just came to us one day. Is it just the two of you on the album? LB: There’s a bunch of people. Our friend Chrissy (Wolpert of The Assembly of Light Choir) plays horns and cello. Chrissy and Maralie (Armstrong) are the two female vocalists....

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