Nothing wrong with nostalgia, but don’t think Dave Pirner is just going to roll into town and deliver a greatest hits set, not with a new album to promote! The Soul Asylum of 2016 is not the one you (or your parents) grew up with – original guitarist Dan Murphy was the last man (besides Pirner) standing though he departed the group in 2012. Since that time, Soul Asylum – with an all new supporting cast (including Michael Bland and Winston Roye) – has released two albums – 2012’s Delayed Reaction and 2016’s Change of Fortune – and soldiered on, not quite ready to pack it in and still satisfying live audiences by playing classics like “Somebody to Shove”, “Runaway Train”, “Spinnin” and “Black Gold” alongside newer material like “Supersonic” and “Can’t Help It”.

Doors open at 7 so expect music to kick off around 8. The Summit opens the show (this must be an off night on Soul Asylum’s co-headlining tour with The English Beat who are definitely not on this bill) and $20 will get you the chance to rub elbows with a guy who once had a bit part in Reality Bites.