… a 500-seat venue that can serve as a go-between for bands who are too big to play The Basement but not big enough to draw a big crowd at The Newport.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this thought and I’m sure anybody who has either been crammed into The Basement during a sold-out show or seen a show at The Newport with only a few hundred people in attendance has probably thought the same thing. I was reminded of it today after learning Tuesday night’s Built to Spill show is sold out. I was surprised they were booked at a “small” venue but it made more sense after hearing that Echo and the Bunnymen had book booked at the Newport.

We used to have the Donewaiting message board to bring up this topic on a semi-annual basis and I’ve seen Facebook updates about what can be done to make the local music scene a better one (a 500-seat venue isn’t the only way I’d finish the sentence “What the Columbus music scene needs is …”).

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