Hearing this show was originally booked at A&R Music Bar, you just had to know that the Gaslight Anthem frontman was going to move tickets fast. And that he did, selling out the show in mid-December. Granted, seeing Brian Fallon in a smaller venue would have been great for those lucky enough to score tickets, Promowest moved the show to the much larger Newport Music Hall.

The tour that brings Brian Fallon & The Crowes to the Newport is in support of the forthcoming Painkillers record, due in stores in March, and the band lineup includes members of a few different bands Fallon has fronted – Alex Rosamilia (The Gaslight Anthem), Ian Perkins (The Horrible Crowes) and Catherine Popper (Molly & The Zombies).

I was hoping to avoid making any comparisons as Fallon’s entire career has been full of those, but, like Ryan Adams,¬†while Fallon can work with lots of different band lineups, you’ll always know who it is you’re hearing behind the microphone. With The Gaslight Anthem on hiatus (perhaps permanently), Fallon still gets to go out and share his stories with audiences in a warm and familiar way. Painkiller picks up where The Horrible Crowes 2011 release Elise (of which Fallon says he’ll play plenty of songs from on this tour) left off – The Replacements-style rock of The Gaslight Anthem dialed back to put a stronger emphasis on the vocals.

Though we’re facing perhaps the coldest night thus far in the new year, Fallon and the Crowes will keep things warm at the Newport with their blue collar rock. Tickets are available at the door ($25) and if you’re holding one for the A&R show, no worries, use it to get into the Newport.