Don’t call it a comeback … Juliana Hatfield has never gone too long between albums, even dating back to the start of her solo career which began after the Blake Babies broke up in 1991. But, Hatfield’s last three albums have really put a spotlight on singer starting with 2017’s Pussycat which took aim at predatory men including the one currently occupying the White House. 2018’s Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John didn’t so much re-imagine ONJ’s songs as it did showcase that beyond all the ’80s glitz and glamour, the songs are really, really good. This year’s Weird may have seemed to be a bit of a surprise release, but Hatfield started working on these songs at the same time that she was recording the ONJ album so it makes sense that this album followed so closely to the 2018 release.

It’s been two years since Hatfield’s Ace of Cups show, one that was packed with fans young and old, and besides hearing familiar classics like “My Sister”, the one thing I took away was that concertgoers should embrace the experience live and not through the view screen of their phone. For the sake of all involved, leave the phone in your pocket and enjoy rather than sticking your phone in Hatfield’s face for the duration of the show.

Juliana Hatfield plays Rumba Cafe Thursday night with special guest Bird Streets. Doors are at 8pm and tickets are $25.