I’ve told this story countless times but back in the days before the interweb, the best way to find out who was playing at Stache’s was to go to the club and look at the calendar. And, whenever you saw Greenhorn’s name, you knew to cancel all other plans. Outside of a few 45s, there was no music available by the Spurgeon and McGann brothers so a live show was how you got your fill of the noisy, guitar-driven rock.

Inevitably, as most bands do, Greenhorn parted ways by the mid-90s and members moved on to different music and non-music related projects. A reunion in 2005 yielded a CD full of new music – something a ’90s Greenhorn fan never thought would happen – and the guys played some shows to support the CD but, it being a new era, the crowds didn’t turn out en masse the way they once did.

There was an evening-closing reunion appearance in 2012 at Anyway Records’ 20th Anniversary show at Ace of Cups that brought out all the old timers (of which I include myself) for one more night of ear-splitting joy.

Frankly, I’m out of touch with the “scene” these days but one thing I do know for sure, the early ’90s scene supports it’s own, even in 2015. Alisa Sullivan, a bartender at O’Reilly’s in Clintonville, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and the troops are coming out in full force to do what they can to provide Alisa with any type of support they can (here’s a link to her GoFundMe page if you’d care to donate).

On Saturday night, Greenhorn headlines a show at Ace of Cups that will help raise funds to cover, in part, the bills and expenses that have already undoubtedly started stacking up. Other bands performing at this benefit show include (in order of appearance, from first to last): Cotton JacksonThe Ferals,  Betty Machette & the Angry CougarsFes & the Black Panthers and Greenhorn. From the Facebook invite: “A silent auction and raffle will also be part of the evening, featuring local rock photos, artwork, music, and rock memorabilia.”

Music starts at 8:30pm and each band will play approximately 35 minutes (suspecting Greenhorn might play a longer set but that’s not confirmed). Great music. Great cause. Great friends. Great rock n’ roll family.

(Quick update from Alisa as posted on the Facebook event page for the show: “”The surgeons here are fucking rock stars. Despite the perilous location of the tumor on my thyroid Dr. Phay was able to remove it with minimal nerve trauma. I am already speaking in my normal voice!”)