Photo by Pamela Littky

The acerbic, feminist, punk lyrics Clementine Creevy spits out with charming angst aren’t anything new – I have a box of photocopied ‘zines from the ’90s in my basement with features on bands just like Cherry Glazerr that never did anything more than play a show or two in somebody’s basement. But the ability to reach listeners is no longer confined to a choice track on a compilation tape or a limited run (limited funds) 7″ distributed to record stores within driving distance of band headquarters. The internet helped Creevy get discovered (Burger Records heard songs she had uploaded to Soundcloud) and helps Cherry Glazerr’s music get heard (via YouTube, Bandcamp, etc) around the world without the hassle, red tape, big budget music videos that those who paved the way (Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Siouxie Sioux, Sleater-Kinney) had to deal with. Case in point, “White’s Not My Color” from 2014’s Haxel Princess (which doesn’t feature any Cherry Glazerr band members) has just shy of a million views on YouTube!

If the early material (2013’s Papa Cremp, 2014’s Haxel Princess) sounds a little raw, it should – Creevy was balancing writing and recording music with doing homework and studying for high school tests. And though Creevy gives off a slacker vibe, make no mistake, this is a hard-working young woman who – in addition to fronting Cherry Glazerr – does some modeling (Saint Laurent) and acting (she played Margaux on the Amazon Prime series Transparent).

Cherry Glazerr’s two most recent releases (2017’s Apocalipstick, 2019’s Stuffed and Ready) are the ones that have thrust the band into the well-deserved spotlight – having polished (but not too much) the sound, Cherry Glazerr’s forging the type of identity that teen girls are going to start identifying with and using as inspiration to start their own bands if they haven’t already. There’s a big city underground sound to songs like “Wasted Nun” which makes sense considering Creevy was born and raised in L.A. by writer parents (her mom is a novelist, her dad is a TV writer/producer).

(Maybe consider waiting until you’re at home before watching)

Illustrating how stacked the MELTED lineup, Cherry Glazerr, currently headlining their own club tour, is playing the early evening (6pm) slot on the festival bill – 4 bands before, 4 bands after – though, undoubtedly, this is the performance that I’m most excited to see.

Limited tickets are still available (50 at the time of this post) for Sunday’s day long show, so if you’re on the fence, don’t delay. You can get your tickets at Spoonful, Lost Weekend and Used Kids or by going to