By Ben Dahl

The Delta Saints perform Friday night at Rumba Cafe

The Delta Saints perform Friday night at Rumba Cafe

Musicians, music appreciators, and night life junkies, here is your weekly guide to the Columbus music scene. Whether you’ve got a rock n’ roll heart or a craving for heavy EDM drops, there is something for you. Check out what Columbus has to offer you this weekend.


For the ravers out there, Friday night get you and your neon over to Skully’s for Kinetic, an EDM Dance Party. The DJ’s include 12th Planet, Antiserum, Attak, and others. 12th Plantet collaborated with Skrillex for the hectic song “Right On Time” and with Antiserum for the song “Bass Salt.” Friday at Skully’s will be full of slow-moving, heavy, liquid bass. Don’t expect a Tiesto or Hardwell type of show. These DJ’s drop the pop element to their sets and perform straight, raw EDM.


The rock scene in Columbus, as always, is rolling like a stone. Friday night there are a number of shows to consider. First off, Mr. Fahrenheit and the Loverboys will be playing all your favorite Queen songs at King Avenue Five. Their singer has even made the commitment to the Freddie Mercury mustache, so you know they are an authentic tribute band. Next, over at the Rumba Café, The Delta Saints will be playing with The Patrick McLaughlin Band. McLaughlin and his band will start the night off with some Lynyrd Skynyrd inspired, southern rock. Then the Delta Saints will take the stage, crank the volume up, and play some blues-rock in the style of The Black Keys and The White Stripes. At The Tree Bar, Mummula will be playing some stoner punk that sounds like a combination between Dinosaur Jr. and The Strokes. Lastly but not leastly, Betsy Ross will be playing with Room and Board, The Kickstand Band, and Darce at the Ace of Cups. This show is full of alternative rock until Betsy Ross takes the stage.

Saturday you will have your pick of rock shows as well. If you’re looking for a high intensity show with a lot of variety, then you need to check out Ruby Tuesday. 9 Myles High will be playing with Zoo Trippin’, Righteous Anger, and Cyder from the Blok. This lineup features everything from the hate filled rock rap sound of Rage Against the Machine to Zoo Trippin’s horn embroidered southern blues rock. To continue with music from the southland, The Boondogglers will be playing King Avenue Five. They alternate between old school, B.B. King blues, bluegrass, and modern country music. It’s safe to say that, if anything southern is your scene, they’ve got you covered. Also coming Saturday are some funky bands. Any Phish fans should be heading to Skully’s for Bass Jam featuring Aqueous, Spiritual Rez, and The Fritz. They’ll be playing their unusual but contagious riffs that are sure to make you move. To my fellow metal fans, get on over to O’Sheckys Live Bar & Restaurant to see Dreamkiller and False Hope Fades. These are two bands laying it on rough and loud with enticing female vocals. Any fans of In This Moment, The Pretty Reckless, or Halestorm will have a killer night. Another 99.7 the Blitz sounding show Saturday night is Days Gone By with Calendar for Preston at the Keystone Pub. Calendar for Preston sounds similar to Starset and Royal Blood but with a softer edge.


Looking for soft tunes to lose yourself in? Then head over to the Keystone Pub Friday night to see Honey and Blue. You’ll be mesmerized by the duet’s peaceful harmonies and gentle melodies. Saturday night you have a couple options. The first is to attend the Singer Songwriter Night at The Tree Bar. Go enjoy some acoustic tunes from local musicians looking to impress their audience. Your other option is to go see Tim Halperin at the Rumba Café. He is a former American Idol contestant who draws his inspiration from Billy Joel and Simon and Garfunkel. While he isn’t exclusively acoustic you will still find his music soothing from the beginning of his set to the end.