Geography has a lot to do with the New Bomb Turks only playing a small handful of shows every year – singer Eric Davidson has lived in NYC for a few years which makes weekly band practices with Jim Weber, Matt Reber and Sam Brown a bit tough, not to mention Brown’s got a pretty good gig going with Divine Fits right now. So, Davidson put together a little punk outfit called Livids in the spring of 2011 to keep the fire alive.

Livids, also featuring Gregory Collins (drums), Jami Wolf (guitar/vox), Joi Liquor (bass) and Daniel Kelley (guitar), will make their Columbus debut on August 17 at Ace of Cups as part of a short tour that will also include stops in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Cleveland.

Never one to pass up the chance for some self-promotion, here’s an interview my daughter did with Davidson when he was in town for a sold-out New Bomb Turks show this past weekend.