By Pete Brown

This weekend, more than 40 teams will hit the streets of Columbus with the goal of creating a short film in the 48 hours that occur between 7 p.m. Friday night and 7 p.m. Sunday night.

It’s the 48 Hour Film Project, a contest that will play out in more than 120 cities across the globe this year. The contest originated in Washington DC in 2001, and since that time, there have been more than 700 competitions. 2013 is the sixth year a competition has been held in Columbus.

You have 48 Hours to write, shoot and edit a short film....#48HFP

You have 48 Hours to write, shoot and edit a short film….#48HFP

The rules of the 48 are fairly straightforward. At the event kickoff, each team draws a genre out of a hat. All teams are given a required character, a required prop and a required line of dialogue to include in their film. Once everyone has drawn, it’s off to the races for a madcap weekend. Not all the teams get their film in on time, but those that do will see their films screened next Wednesday or Thursday at the Gateway Film Center.

The film selected Best of Columbus moves on to compete against other Best ofs…, and ultimately a handful of films are selected to screen at Cannes. Yes. The Cannes film festival. What’s more, two Columbus films have made it to Cannes in the event’s six-year run, including “Stones” which made it all the way in 2011.

While the films represent a wide range of styles and skills, the weekend itself is one of sleepless insanity and excellent adventure. I took part in 2012 for the first time as part of Blue Monkey Films team, and am glad to say we’re back for another go this year. You can follow our progress all weekend long on a tumblr we’ve set up for the weekend. Otherwise, be seeing you on set.

Columbus 48 Hour Film Project Screenings

Gateway Film Center

  • Group A Wed. July 31, 6:30 pm
  • Group B Wed. July 31 8:00 p.m.
  • Group C Thurs. Aug. 1 6:30 p.m.

Follow Blue Monkey Films online all weekend.