Author: Pete Brown

You have 48 hours…

The 48-hour film project hits Columbus this weekend as 40 teams race the clock to write, shoot an edit a short film in 48 precious hours. While the films represent a wide range of styles and skills, the weekend itself is one of sleepless insanity and excellent adventure.

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Contemplating Love in an Elevator

As I was driving to work last week, the radio station I was listening to played a song called “Love in an Elevator” by Aerosmith….If you had reached puberty by 1989 and/or were within 50 feet of a radio during that time, you probably know this song. It’s terrible, but for some odd reason, we loved it.

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Zach Vinson at Kafe Kerouac

Zach Vinson plays Saturday at Kafe Kerouac. I’ve found his songs thoughtful and well-composed, and he performs them all truly in earnest. At his best, both his lyrics and his music are playfully risky, which is to say they pursue some unusual arrangements or lean in on some unique phrasing. At his worst, he’s a confused but likable kid emoting on what he perceives to be the Big Truths about life and love.

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