When Eliot Sumner tour dates were announced, I expected some limited East and West Coast shows at the clubs that you read about in Rolling Stone; never did I think Sting‘s daughter would be making a swing through Ohio, let alone a stop in Columbus at the Big Room Bar. In January of this year, Eliot released Information, an album that stays true to the Sumner blood line while adding elements that allow the singer to not be accused of coastingĀ on the family name. At times haunting, Information is a candidate for album of the year on my list – it sets a somber mood while, at times, providing just enough bounce to crack through the grey clouds.

In most cases, I’d post a video and be done with it but with so many great songs – and so many videos to accompany the album – I feel it’s worth sharing a few of my favorites. But, before doing so, a reminder: Eliot Sumner, Cheerleader (from Philly) and Sweater Weather perform at the Big Room Bar on Wednesday night. Tickets are $12 at the door, which open at 7pm. Sweater Weather goes on at 8 with Cheerleader and Eliot Sumner to follow.