Let’s all take Friday off, shall we? Here’s your guide to what’s going on around Columbus on Thursday night.

If you listen to WNCI … you’ll be at the LC outdoors, most likely as a chaperone for your teenage daughter, checking out 16-year-old pop star Shawn Mendes who is playing a few headlining dates on off nights of the Taylor Swift tour. Mendes hooks back up with the tour in Chicago this weekend where he’ll be playing a slightly larger stage at … Soldier Field! The Voice season 5 runner-up Jacquie Lee opens this show.

If you listen to CD102.5 … you’ll be at the Newport to dance to Neon Tree’s shiny alterna-pop rock. Though Neon Trees probably plays to a slightly older fanbase than Mendes, I’m guessing you probably won’t have to wait in line to buy a beer at this show. Coin and Fictionist open.

If you only learn about new music from hipster music blogs … you’ll be at Ace of Cups checking out Waxahatchee, the indie project fronted by Katie Crutchfield. Expect this thing to be PACKED full of hardcore music lovers who undoubtedly will someday (soon) say, “I was at that show. I still can’t believe I saw Waxahatchee in such a small venue.” Pink Wash and Yowler (the solo project of All Dogs’ Maryn Jones) open. This is the pick of the night and you’d be dumb not to have this at the top of your list.

If you’re stuck in the ’80s and love rockers with long hair and tight pants … you’ll venture a little bit outside of the campus and the downtown area to O’Shecky’s (located in The Continent off of 161) to see the Hollywood Vampires aka L.A. Guns. Local hair rockers Roxy Mae get the call to get the crowd fired up for this show.

If you listen to noise and call it music but don’t know how to explain it to co-workers … you’ll have your eardrums blown out at MINT Art Gallery (42 West Jenkins Ave) by the Detroit noise/industrial trio Wolf Eyes. Rev//Rev (from Indiana), Muscle Puzzle (Columbus) and Melted Man (Columbus) are also on the bill.

If you read Revolver Magazine, dress in all black, have dozens of tattoos and an equal number of facial piercings … you’ll start a pit at Park Street Saloon the second Australian deathcore band Thy Art is Murder hit the stage. Bless the Child, Shores of Elysium and Denounce Your Martyr will give you some inspiring music to warm up the pit.

If you like the way Gaslight Anthem channels Bruce Springsteen but wish they’d also channel Interpol … you’ll throw on your Joy Division t-shirt and head to Rumba Cafe to sway back and forth, with an occasional headbob, to Chicago’s Empires.

If you just want to chill with some local talent … you’ll hang at Woodlands Tavern and find out what “alternative hip-hop” is when Label Me Lecter perform. Rounding out the diverse bill are Cleveland’s alterna-dance-popsters Captain Kidd and Columbus’s hot singer/songwriter Isken Cosip.