Movements’ “Colorblind” video kept showing up in my “Recommended for You” YouTube sidebar playlist so I finally decided to check it out and while I haven’t been to a Warped Tour since the mid-90s, this song sucked me in within seconds. There was a time in the mid-90s where I flirted with becoming a fan of this type of music, the type that is heavier than some of the well-known emo bands of that time period but not as heavy as the post-hardcore bands. I never really cared for bands whose vocals consisted of aggro dudes screaming but when it’s done to punctuate a chorus, it works. And “Colorblind” is just awesome.

The band’s full-length debutĀ Feel Something was released by Fearless Records in October and “Colorblind” was a great choice for lead single as it does a good job of representing what you’ll find on the rest of the album. I’m not that familiar with this genre so maybe this is a pretty common technique but in addition to the melodic singing and the passionate screaming, there’s also some spoken word passages. As the kids might say, it’s an album with all the feels.

Movements will play tonight at Skully’s along with headliners Knuckle Puck, Homesafe and Jetty Bones (Movements will play just before Knuckle Puck). Tickets for this all-ages show are $20. Doors open at 5:30, music starts at 6.