Two nights. The first two Weezer albums (plus b-sides) played in full. Sounds pretty amazing, right? And having seen a few of the Pinkertones perform in other tribute projects, this isn’t going to be some slapped-together, “this is how we interpret the stuff” type performance – it’s more than likely that if you shut your eyes as the band plays “El Scorcho”, you’ll really believe that Weezer is playing a private and intimate show at KOBO.

Friday night’s show will be kicked off by The DewDroppers. Should be a great one, however, I’ve got ticket in hand for Saturday night as I’ve been meaning to check out Sleep Fleet and Cleveland’s Herzog.

Tickets – as of the time of this post – are still available however expect both nights to be a packed house so if you’re waiting until the last minute, might want to think about showing up early.