Preview by Casey Bowers
Photo by Jonny Kingsbury

They are *repeat repeat and they are breaking out and blowing up and they’re going to be huge.

It’s easy to say about a band, harder to defend, and damn near impossible to predict with 100% accuracy.

With that said, *repeat repeat are going to be huge.

After the stellar Floral Canyon with its amazing insta-classic pop single “Girlfriend,” The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney produced the Nashville duo’s 2019 super-mega-massive hit record (trust me, it will be) Glazed. He even appeared in the video, drumming on the single “Hi, I’m Waiting.” Subsequent also-hits “Head On,” “Pressure” “Apocalyptic” and “Fortunate One” (my personal favorite) were revealed and shared by the band, liked, loved and shared by fans,  along with the news that married couple Jared & Kirsten Corder (better known as *repeat repeat) would be paling along with The Black Keys in support of their super-massive Let’s Rock return-to-the-arena tour.

Soooo, do yourself a favor and catch this indomitable bona fide indie sugar rock act at The Rumba Cafe on Thursday before playing awesome small venue club shows like this one becomes nothing more than a distant memory. Souther and Conversion Delay and $10 will get you in the door.

See you there!