There’s some artists that write big choruses with throwaway verses. Micah Schnabel is not one of those artists. As both the co-founder of Two Cow Garage and as a solo artist, Schnabel’s songs are stories that the listener needs to pay attention to from start to end.

I don’t know if every single word of every single song that Schnabel writes are auto-biographical but the delivery is done with such honest conviction that I can easily envision the young Micah as he sings “When I was 13 / I taught myself to play the drums / In the basement of my parent’s house / So that I could join a band” on “Jazz and Cinnamon Toast Crunch”.

The song is a preview of what’s to come on Schnabel’s late June¬†release, Your New Norman Rockwell¬†and can be streamed/purchased from Schabel’s Bandcamp page now.