I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always quite understand the Melvins. There are times when I find their music offensive and nothing but noise. There are other times when I think they are the greatest heavy rock band on the face of the Earth.

Scary to think, these dinosaurs have been together since 1983! Later this summer, they’ll embark on a 30th anniversary tour but before that kicks off, they’re doing what they do best – bringing sludgy noise to small rooms that will undoubtedly cause hearing damage (I’ll let you know on Wednesday if I’ve suffered any major hearing loss!). On Tuesday night they’ll be performing at the A&R Bar (doors open at 8pm, tickets are $17).

The band is currently touring to support Everybody Loves Sausages – a covers album released in April and featuring remakes of songs by the likes of Queen, Venom, The Kinks, and David Bowie.

This song/video is NOT from that album but it’s cool nevertheless.