Thanks for looking out for the old guys! Miranda Sound offshoot bands Bicentennial Bear (featuring Billy Peake) and Face (featuring Dan Gerken) will deliver some post-work, Happy Hour rock at Woodlands Tavern (1200 W. 3rd St) on Thursday evening. The show also doubles as a Bicentennial Bear EP release show, Charleston Jail + 3 is a preview of what’s coming on a full length due in October. So, get this … not only is the show free but there will be a limited number of free EPs available as well.

For those who can’t make it to the show or prefer their music in a digital fashion, Charleston Jail + 3 will be available via all the regular digital sites (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Soundcloud).

Earlier this month, Face released their first song (“Cypress”) via Soundcloud. What’s interesting to me is that both Billy and Dan have added female vocals to their post-Miranda Sound bands which adds an all new element to the recognizable sounds these guys create individually. And, if you’re keeping a scorecard at home, Face features bassist Brian Freshour and drummer Brian Moore who some of you may remember as Tiara’s rhythm section.

Face kicks things off at 6pm and Bicentennial Bear will follow at 7. You’ll be home before the hour hand reaches double digits!