Lovins and I will have the band to ourselves at the meet-and-greet!

Arriving at University of Toledo’s Savage Arena on Saturday, Lovins and I picked up tickets and meet-and-greet passes at Will Call, the goods having been left for us by one of the bands performing at the Rock the Arena show. The tickets were front row (whoa!) and situated just behind a small general admission pit. The meet-and-greet came with no instructions as to where to meet or at what time. We figured we’d deal with that later.

After Lita Ford ended her set, we found somebody wearing an Arena Security shirt and asked where the meet-and-greets were taking place. He had a few sheets of paper and started looking through them. “Hmm, it doesn’t have any info on here. Let me radio somebody and find out.” We stood for a few minutes waiting for a response and then somebody else from the arena staff came over to us and asked which band had given us the passes. “Warrant,” we said. He radioed somebody, waited another few minutes, then came over and said, “Meet by the elevators on the second floor after Warrant’s set and somebody will show you to the meet-and-greet area.”

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Looking for Dave – w4m – 54 (Larry b’s)

We dated 24yrs. ago. Ran into you about 10 yrs ago at Larryb’s was married at the time, lost my husband 2 yrs ago to cancer. i was driving a limo and was a bartender when we met. still think of you.


(cut and pasted from Craigslist)

Red-headed beauty on the #11 bus – m4w – 30 (Columbus)

Today around 2:45 PM you got on the #11 bus at the stop located by Kroger at Main and Alum Creek Dr. You only rode a few stops and got off on one of the neighborhood streets off of Bryden. Just want you to know that you made my trip a lot more pleasant. There is something about riding the bus that makes a stunning woman like yourself even more beautiful. I myself am always trying to “bring the sexy back” to bus riding, and I’m glad I’m not the only one. If you think this is you, hey I wouldn’t mind meeting up, but that’s not my intention here. If I weren’t so shy, I would like to let every beautiful woman I see know how beautiful they are. With the technological marvel that is craigslist, I can at least have some way of maybe, just maybe letting some of them know. You are heaven-on-earth beautiful.


The nerdy guy with the big ole glasses, yellow shirt and a laptop bag.


(Cut and pasted from Craigslist)

Seeking male counterpart for Mars voyage – w4m – 24 (Earth)
If you’ve been paying even the slightest attention to the news, you’re probably already aware that it will soon be possible to inhabit planet Mars. Of course this idea excited me (Who wouldn’t want to live on Mars?!), so I started digging around for some additional information. To my chagrin, I realized that twenty-something Single Sallys like myself aren’t exactly at the top of the priority list; it’s a couple’s world (Yes, even on Mars). So, fellow space traveler, this is where you come in:

I am seeking another single twenty-something who wouldn’t mind spending the next 60+ years of his life a) with me (a woman who has a general, albeit mild, distaste for men) b) on the planet Mars.

I have only a few requirements, but they are very important:

You must

smell good, be intelligent, be attractive (Sorry, bro, but if we’re going to spend 60+ years together with a one-way ticket to Mars, you have to be somewhat easy on the eyes), not be short (I’m 5’10” – very close to my height or taller is A+), enjoy reading (If the last book you picked up was Holes in seventh grade, you need not apply), enjoy discussing various subjects, be equally comfortable with silence and communication, be a high-five enthusiast, and have a good sense of humor.

If a one-way trip to Mars sounds appealing and you’re looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, reply to this posting.