It was in ’96 or ’97 that I participated in the Flaming Lips Zaireeka experience at the CMJ Music Festival in New York City. The premise was this – you showed up at a certain location at a certain time and as you entered the space where this experiment was to take place, you were handed a boombox. We all found a space to sit in the room and then listened to the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne explain how the experiment was going to happen.

The Flaming Lips wanted to bring this experience into your home but the logistics were a bit tough. They reduced the 40 or so cassettes down to four CDs worth of noises and the idea was to set up four CD players and run this same experiment with your friends.

On Record Store Day 2013, the Flaming Lips released Zaireeka on vinyl and now, on Saturday, May 2, Lost Weekend record store (2960 N. High St.)  is going to give you the chance to listen to all four records at the same time. The event starts at 6pm and you can get all the details below.

Here’s the info:

You may have heard us talk about this on Record Store Day and now this is a happening. As promised or threatened depending how you look at this, we will be playing in store on 4 turntables the way it was meant to be heard the complete Flaming Lips ZAIREEKA album.


Originally released in 1997 in a 4 cd set that was intended to have the listener play all 4 cds simultaneously. I am sure most or you are familiar Zaireeka but if not check this wiki posted below.


Last Saturday on Record Store Day for the first time ever this unique album was released on 4 vinyl LPs, as soon as I heard that was going to be a vinyl release I knew we had to do a proper performance of it in the store. As 4 Lps they can be played separately but to get the full ZAIREEKA experience you should play the 4 records simultaneously on four different players. Since you can start these records all at the same time or staggered, every time you play it it cul thee a different experience. Kind of like those “choose your own adventure books” we read as kids.


Next Saturday May 4th we are doing just that and if you want to hear it you are invited.


We will have 3 additional turntable set up in addition Stop by the store next that evening around 6pm and about 6pm we will start all the players and see what happens.


We will stay open a bit latter than usually that night, until about 8pm.