Columbus locals Wolfman and the Airship Captain are closing up their 5 years together as a band with a bang. Still following the sound they have previously referred to  “electro-psych punk”, their newest album “Deep Dark Mysteries of the Universe Left Unanswered” explores further musical horizons. One of the most distinct style shifts on this album is undoubtedly the more vulnerable vocals heard on songs like “The End” and “The Night Tonight”, but their whirling synths and hard hitting rhythms are still present throughout.

In celebration of the release they’ll be hosting a show at Spacebar on Saturday June 3rd. This will be their last show together as a band, so if you’ve been looking to check them out this is your last chance. They’ll be joined onstage by SHVS, The Crashlanders, and Gelatinous Cube for the low, low price of $5.