Pardon me if you’ve heard this story before … I remember Pretty Mighty Mighty being a campus bar regular when I was in college and I had some acquaintances who were big fans but as I was a college student in the early ’90s and grunge bands ruled my world, I mistakingly assumed a band with a violin player was either a hippie/Deadhead band or some sort of folkie outfit.

It wasn’t until I saw PMM open for somebody like The Promise Ring at Bernie’s that I realized how wrong I was and, fortunately, I tried to make up for the years I lost by checking them out whenever I could. I even was able to talk them into opening one of the first Damnwells gigs in Columbus at a point when they weren’t really playing out that often.

I don’t remember exactly when singer Jon Chinn moved to NYC (maybe in the early 2000s?) but that move effectively put an end to Pretty Mighty Mighty – I don’t think they really broke up but, rather, just stopped being a band.

Jon does return to Columbus on occasion – the most recent time being last October when his band, Manager, played at Ace of Cups – but I can’t remember the last time Pretty Mighty Mighty’s name appeared on a bill so it’s exciting to see that the band will be performing on Saturday, May 21 at Spacebar. This is an early warning, put it on your calendar – you don’t get these chances too often any more to see Columbus rock royalty.