While it’s billed as a co-headlining bill, there’s got to be a band to close out the night and on Wednesday, at Donato’s Basement (2084 N. High St), that honor goes to New Jersey’s Toy Cars, a band described in a press release as a “unique blend of Americana and Emo” (I’d say the recently-released album Paint Brain leans more to the Emo side of that comparison). That means tour partner¬†DRMCTHR, by default, is considered (one of) the opener(s). Weller, Minor ‘Love, Mountain-House and Haley Butter¬†are also on this stacked bill.

I was intrigued by DRMCTHR’s name (took me a minute to figure it out) and discovered that after going through a rough patch (lineup changes, breakup discussion), the Baltimore band formerly known as Dreamcatcher decided to christen a new era with a new, streamlined name and a stunning new album, Hold Your Love, released in late 2017. Though I can imagine DRMCTHR would be a logical fit on the Warped Tour, they are more alt-pop than pop-punk and the lyrics add emotional heaviness to a sound that reminds me a bit of early Paramore, before that band crossed over to the pop world.

In my opinion, DRMCTHR is the can’t miss band on Wednesday night’s lineup (alas, I’ve already got tickets to see Low Cut Connie at Rumba so I will, in fact, miss DRMCTHR).

Doors are at 6pm and the cover at the all ages show is $5.