It’s Faster Pussycat’s ’80s sleaze metal sound vs Lamb of God’s skullcrushing thrash on Monday night in Columbus. The two bands couldn’t be at farther ends of the metal spectrum but for fans of metal it’s a tough choice.


If price is an issue, or if you want to get nostalgic, Faster Pussycat’s your choice – the band features only one original member (singer Taime Downe) but they’ll undoubtedly play all the Headbanger’s Ball hits of the late ’80s and early ’90s when they perform at Turtle Creek Tavern (5571 N. Hamilton Rd., near Westerville). If you order tickets online before Monday, you can get into the show for $12 + service charge. It’ll cost you $17 at the door.

If mosh pits and skull-crushing trash metal are more your thing, you’ll want to head to the LC for the packed four-band bill headlined by Lamb of God. Killswitch Engage, Huntress (in town recently with Danzig) and old school thrashers Testament provide support for one of the standouts in the new era of metal. $35 will get you in the door. Ear plugs highly recommended.