Hope you had a chance to catch Memphis’s Spaceface at Rumba on Saturday night with Fluffer and Classical Baby. Fronted by Jake Ingalls, Spaceface is a trippy, psychedelic band navigating through the same musical landscape as artists like Tame Impala, The Polyphonic Spree and Flaming Lips, a band that Ingalls is a member of to no surprise.

We sent these questions in advance of Saturday’s show but due to sketchy internet connectivity, Jake wasn’t able to get them back until after the show. The questions are mostly based around song titles from Spaceface’s 2017 release, Sun Kids, although they have nothing to do with the actual lyrics.

Spaceface’s private jet is flying to California for the kickoff date on a summer tour. Somewhere over Kansas the jet starts experiencing engine problems and the pilot says the only way to save yourself is to grab a parachute and jump out of the plane. You discover that there is one fewer parachutes than band members on the plane. Who in the band would be most likely to give up his or her parachute and go down with the plane?

Peter would be first to sacrifice himself because I believe he has the lowest self esteem. Yet, Eric would likely become overwhelmed with guilt and would use his intense upper body strength to hold Peter like a baby koala across his chest as they plummeted to what would surely be their deaths.

So, the whole plane thing didn’t work out and now, down one member, you’ve decided to finish the tour in a less-than-reliable tour van that was purchased from a sketchy salesman. Two hours into the drive to the next tour stop, the van acts up and starts making noises. Who in the band is most mechanically minded and would be able to determine that the radiator needs replaced (remember, you’re already down one member so that person can’t be your answer here)?

Trick Question: Big Red and I both have AAA.

You’ve had bad luck with planes and vans but you’ve finally stumbled upon some good luck – your uncle calls and says he wants to give you the use of his timeshare condo for 2 weeks at no cost. I can’t remember … where is his timeshare condo located? What do you think you’ll do with those 2 weeks of vacation?

Florida. We’d hold up, go surfing make cocktails and write music endlessly.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t trust a booking agent who sends me on a tour that starts in Canada in the dead of winter. Have you asked, “What the hell were you thinking? Why can’t we tour Texas in February and save Canada and Ohio and other states up north until June?”

I’m the tour manager so thanks for that. Sometimes you just have to follow the money, my dude.

Not related to any song title, but am I wrong in thinking that you’ve got a bit of a crush on Columbus? It seems like Columbus has a bit of a crush on Spaceface.

We totally have a massive crush on Columbus. It’s really about the people who hook it up for us. Do y’all know Cassandra Zahran? <3*Swoon*<3

For some crazy reason, your manager has suggested you take to Reddit and participate in a session where people can ask you anything at all. What question do you get asked in every interview that you’d pass on during this session and what question would catch you off guard that you’d love to answer?

I’m tired of talking about Miley fucking Cyrus. She’s great and all but please stop asking. Off guard question….

[Question that would catch Jake off guard] Who do you think is most most likely to hook up with each other in the band?

I’d say me and anyone who’d let me.

This seems like a good place to finish up …when you were a kid and heading out into the sun to play, did your parents lather you up with sunscreen? Were you prone to getting sunburns or were you more of a natural tanner? Or, did you avoid the sun due to your sensitive skin?

I can remember my mom asking me if I had put on sun screen, but I don’t think they’d apply it for me. More than likely, I’d lie about having done and it throw just a touch on my nose so it looked convincing. Natural tanner for sureeeeeeee

Thanks so much!!! I loved these questions