This came out of nowhere!

I asked bassist Mike Lovins about Bava Choco, a band – also featuring vocalist Patrick Monroe (BA Baracus, Intercontinental Champs), guitarist Eric French (Josh Krajcik) and drummer Corey Gillen (Josh Krajcik) – that seemingly sprang up out of a sludgy Southern mud pit.

“Eric has a studio and I met him while doing a recording with Chuck Oney,” Lovins told me. “Eric, Corey and Patrick have been friends for a while and had also worked on various projects together in the past.”

Without any sort of social media presence, I had to know, is this a one-off song recorded by guys with some time to kill or is the start of the next great Columbus band.

“We have an album’s worth of material recorded,” Lovins said. “This is a real band and, yes, there are plans to play live. I think the hope is to get the recording process done first. Hopefully we’ll start planning shows before the end of the year.”

Bring it on!