This weekend KOBO celebrates it’s 3rd anniversary and owner Jacob Wooten is throwing a 3-day party (naturally) to celebrate. Jacob’s been a great advocate for everything I’ve done so it made total sense to make the very first feature on the newly relaunched all about Jacob, KOBO, and the club’s 3rd anniversary.

Here are the lineups for all 3 nights.

Thursday, May 2nd
9:30 Tin Armor
10:30 The Saturday Giant
11:30 The Sewing Machine War
12:30 New City Gypsy
DJ Charles Erickson, all night long

Friday, May 3rd
9:30 The Whiles
10:30 Old Hundred
11:30 The Receiver
12:30 Ghost Shirt

Saturday, May 4th
9:30 Sleep Fleet
10:30 The End Of The Ocean
11:30 Lo-Pan
12:30 The Wet Darlings
DJ George Brazil, all night long