For those who have yet to see the latest film from Quentin Tarantino, or those who were simply miffed that the limited Roadshow engagements skipped Columbus in favor of Cleveland for it’s Christmas Day opening, rejoice, Gateway Film Center is bringing the 70mm version of the movie to Columbus at last! For those unfamiliar, the Roadshow version of Writer/Director Quentin Tarantino’s latest opus is a special cut of the film that contains additional extended scenes, an overture, an old school style intermission, AND it’s presented not digitally, but on “glorious 70mm.”

These special screenings are a huge “get” for Columbus after being passed up on the initial run a few weeks ago and no doubt represent some very hard work on the part of Gateway Film Center to make it happen. Tarantino has indicated that this cut of the movie is specifically designed for the widescreen theatrical experience, meaning it’s unlikely we’ll see a DVD/blu-ray of this version of the film for some time, if at all. On a personal level, I’m pretty excited to experience a film in 70mm for the first time, as it’s rare to see movies shown on actual prints these days, much less 70mm, which requires a special projector and equipment. And the allure of a special cut of a major film that can’t be seen elsewhere should be enough to keep you from waiting for that small screen VOD experience. The latest update from the Facebook invite indicated that the current 7:00 screenings are already halfway sold out. It’s like vinyl for film, folks, and something that no self-respecting movie geek will want to miss.

Screenings of the Hateful Eight 70mm Roadshow begin Friday, January 15th. Showtimes are available at the Gateway Film Center website.