I visited Elizabeth’s Records, a store owned by Dave and Laura Lewis. The store is located at 3037 Indianola Ave near Studio 35 and Alison Rose. The window is nicely decorated and it’s obvious that there is a record store inside.

Elizabeth’s is a true mom and pop shop. Dave and Laura’s daughter, Elizabeth, is the store’s namesake. The slogan “Do You Like Cats?” came from Elizabeth. Dave has a long history of working in  record stores that goes back to small-town Texas and eventually moving to Austin where he worked at Waterloo Records. Dave has a strong passion about his store and about the record business. Elizabeth’s Records is about 97% used and there are a few new records thrown in the bunch with the hope to sell a few more new records in the future.

Elizabeth’s Records has a wide selection of jazz, classic rock,  and Blues. Prices range from $2 a record to the highly-collectible price range, with many reasonably-priced records.  In the interview, we discussed owning a record store while working another full-time job and raising a family. We also discuss the growth of record stores in Columbus as well as nationwide. I hope you enjoy the interview, and listen to Dave’s insights it’s truly apparent that Dave loves the business and is a man that wears his heart on his sleeve.