A few new Columbus-related videos for ya.

Los Gravediggers – “Little Rock” – Frontman Quinn Fallon owns the Little Rock Bar, featured heavily in this video not only in the title but all the performance shots. It’s almost like a music video commercial for the bar!

Bobaflex – “A Spider in the Dark” – While Bobaflex is from West Virginia, they spend a lot of time in Columbus both performing and recording. This video was shot in the Columbus area and directed by Paul Cunningham who fronted a great melodic, post-hardcore hard rock Columbus band (This Day Forever) about 10 years ago.

St. Lenox – “The Greyhound Bus Song” – A little late in posting this (it debuted in early December) but worth checking out if you haven’t already seen. Andrew Choi (St. Lenox) spent many evenings performing at open mic nights around Columbus before moving to NYC for law school. Occasionally, Choi will hop on a bus and return to Columbus to perform.