Author: Keith Adams

Favorite Columbus Thing of 2015: Keith Adams

It’s certainly difficult to choose any one thing that happened in Columbus in the past year as my absolute favorite, there’s always so many great shows, events, and places to check out. The one I think that’s really going to have a big impact on my world, as well as the city at large, in years to come is the formation of the Killumbus Horror group. Started earlier this year by Bridget Oliver, this group seeks to bring together fans of horror, cult and genre cinema enthusiasts around the Central Ohio Area. In addition to online discussion of what’s in theaters, on DVD, streaming and on demand to watch, they also have monthly (and sometimes more frequent) meet-ups at the Gateway Film Center. I tragically only made it out to one of their meet-ups, a raucous screening of “Helen Keller vs Night Wolves”, I can tell you it’s an experience I can’t wait to do again. The director and main actress of the film were in attendance for the screening, which is the kind of cool attention I feel like I’m constantly envious of bigger cities for getting, and the group filled the upstairs lounge, getting nice and lubricated for this wild movie. I used to try to get groups of my friends together to attend the late night “Grindhouse Horrors” movie screenings at the pre-renovation Studio 35. I...

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Kendrick Lamar Announces Late October Date at the LC Outdoors

  Yesterday it announced that hip-hop superstar Kendrick Lamar is coming to the LC Outdoors, and coming in hot, for what I assume will be the last show of the outdoor season, on October 24th. First of all, wow, good for Promowest Productions and 106.7 the Beat who are presenting the show. Kendrick was one of the most sought after festival headliners this year (albeit he received some pretty mixed reviews for those performances) and is arguably the biggest name in rap music at the moment, certainly in the top five. When I was first told the show was taking place I was struck by how soon the show would be following the announcement, just over three weeks, and I also incorrectly assumed the show would be at the LC Indoor stage. There’s no doubt Kendrick can fill the outdoor setting handily, but I can only speculate on how the weather might be a factor and attendees can only hope that it won’t be one. As someone who has organized an event (Columbus Zombie Pub Crawl) over the last 6 years that took place in that same weekend before Halloween time frame, I can tell you that the weather has ranged from mild and almost summer-like to raining and downright cold. You just never know in Ohio. No matter, I doubt it discourages any of Lamar’s fans from showing...

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Red Fang/Whores coming to Ace of Cups, Heavy Rock Blitz to follow

  Kid, don’t lose your cool, there’s tons of heavy doom rolling through Ace of Cups. Next week will mark the unofficial kick off of perhaps the greatest run of heavy rock shows in Ace of Cups history with Red Fang, Whores and Wild Throne coming to town next Thursday, October 8th. Red Fang returns to Central Ohio after a long six year hiatus, which encompasses the entire amount of time I’ve resided in Columbus. I last saw them in Huntington, WV at the V Club in 2009 with Clutch. It was my first time hearing the band and I’ve been itching to rage to these guys live again ever since. They’ve forsaken us for Cleveland for many a tour, but finally they’re back. And while it will be Whores 3rd overall appearance in town, I get the feeling this is the one we’ve been waiting for, when a sure to be packed house feels the impact of this destructive noise-rock juggernaut. They are not to be missed.     While it feels like I’ve been waiting forever for that bill to arrive, Starwood Presents has seemingly decided this is just the opening salvo in a heavy rock blitz at Ace of Cups, seeing Russian Circles play on October 10th, Cattle Decapitation on November 2nd, and Windhand on November 11th. As if that wasn’t enough last week saw the addition...

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Saul Williams, Neon Indian, Superheaven and Graveyard set for Columbus appearances

  Last week brought a slew of great concert announcements to the Columbus area including some pretty big exclusives to the Central Ohio area. Saul Williams will appear at Rumba Café on Tuesday, September 29 for a spoken word performance. Neon Indian will be bringing terminally chill vibes to A&R Music Bar on Thursday, October 22nd. And then we have some amazing shows on favorable weekend nights. In what I hope will be the first of some off dates from Chicago’s Riot Fest (Speedy Ortiz please!), Superheaven will play Double Happiness on Friday, September 11th along with Have Mercy, Dead Leaves, Things Fall Apart and Waiting. Finally, in what I will go ahead and predict is a far in advance sell out for Starwood Presents, stoner retro rock heroes Graveyard will be making their only Ohio appearance at Ace of Cups on Friday, December 4th. This is only the band’s second Columbus appearance after an opening slot at the LC Pavilion as part of the Missing Link tour featuring Clutch and Mastodon earlier this year. Seeing any of these artists in these intimate settings is sure to a be a face melter. Fall and beyond is shaping up to be a great concert season in Columbus, who are you most looking forward to seeing?...

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Electric Citizen, Mondo Drag, Slow Season, Red Feathers Show Preview

Fans of heavy psych-tinged retro rock rejoice, Ace of Cups and Starwood Presents have the bill you’ve been waiting for coming up this Wednesday. It’ll be an occasion worth pulling your bellbottoms out of the closet for as Electric Citizen rolls into town with Riding Easy label mates Mondo Drag and Slow Season. For the unitiated, Electric Citzen hail from Cincinnati and are Sabbath fetishists of the highest order. Lead singer Laura Dolan’s stage presence even reminds me of a female Ozzy and they are out supporting last year’s excellent Sateen release. They’ve rolled through town before both headlining...

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