It’s certainly difficult to choose any one thing that happened in Columbus in the past year as my absolute favorite, there’s always so many great shows, events, and places to check out. The one I think that’s really going to have a big impact on my world, as well as the city at large, in years to come is the formation of the Killumbus Horror group.

Started earlier this year by Bridget Oliver, this group seeks to bring together fans of horror, cult and genre cinema enthusiasts around the Central Ohio Area. In addition to online discussion of what’s in theaters, on DVD, streaming and on demand to watch, they also have monthly (and sometimes more frequent) meet-ups at the Gateway Film Center. I tragically only made it out to one of their meet-ups, a raucous screening of “Helen Keller vs Night Wolves”, I can tell you it’s an experience I can’t wait to do again. The director and main actress of the film were in attendance for the screening, which is the kind of cool attention I feel like I’m constantly envious of bigger cities for getting, and the group filled the upstairs lounge, getting nice and lubricated for this wild movie.

I used to try to get groups of my friends together to attend the late night “Grindhouse Horrors” movie screenings at the pre-renovation Studio 35. I always assumed they looked at us as semi-degenerates, showing up at the bar, which was less of a true bar back in those days, and essentially pre-gaming the movies. With the formation of Killumbus, my shame is gone, as they’ve now assembled a group of misfits who share this enthusiasm for off the beaten path horror films. I look forward to seeing this community grow and expand it’s reach in developing Columbus as a true movie lover’s city.


Killumbus Facebook Page