Columbus is naturally a tour stop for bands who just finished performing at the Austin Psych Fest in Texas, right? I mean, we’re just a hop, skip and jump away from the Lone Star state. Actually, as it is, three international bands that performed at the Psych Fest (side note … man, while festivals like SXSW and Riot Fest have grown so large, this fest seems like one I’d LOVE to check out some day) will be in Columbus this week – two you probably don’t know and one that might be hard to get tickets for.

MondayThe Holydrug Couple from Chile will be at Double Happiness with locals Brujas del Sol and WV White. Back in 2013, upon seeing the band’s “It’s Dawning” video, I wrote “Plug in and turn knob to ‘Tame Impala'”. Check it out and let me know if you disagree! On Tuesday, The Holydrug Couple will be releasing Moonlust and if the first single is any indication, the band’s moved beyond the Tame Impale influence and gone down a dreamy psych-pop path.

Tuesday – Chui Wan from China will be at Double Happiness. Minnesota’s Flavor Crystals and Columbus’s Floorian round out the bill.

Saturday – Tame Impala from Australia and Mini Mansions are at the LC.

Not too bad a week for those into psych-rock who weren’t able to make it to Austin this past weekend.