11698687_703564539755714_160824371090118670_nBefore playing their first Columbus show, organ-punk band Archie and The Bunkers answered a couple questions for Columbus Calling. The band is composed of two young brothers Emmett (vocals and drums) and Cullen (organ and vocals) who both hail from Lakewood, Ohio.

Who was the first punk musician/band?

Emmett: Punk music in general is just rock’n’roll music. You can go back all the way to Buddy Holly and say he did it or go after them and say the Stones and say they did it. I think Iggy Pop did it.
The Damned. I think Iggy Pop is pretty punk though. Like the early Stooges stuff or The Damned. They have that attitude that can’t be matched.

Who is the most underrated musician or songwriter?

C: Captain Sensible!
E: Hahaha no, no, no. Probably the Woggles.
C: The Woggles yeah!
E: They’re amazing and they put on AMAZING performances.

What animals would describe your personalities?
C: Captain Sensible, he’s an animal.
E: No. That’s a hard question he would probably be…
C: Pig! (pointing to Emmett)
E: You would probably be a chimpanzee.

If you could go anywhere in space, what would you do?
C: Play a show! Just play music in outer space.
E: But you can’t hear it in outer space!
C: We are not getting that scientific. If I could do anything I would just bring my organ. Just be up there floating around in circles.
E: Like one of those exotic album covers from the ‘50s. No, but seriously I have no idea. I guess just look down at the earth.
If you could have any superpower what would it be?
E: Oh flying!
C: What if you get chopped up by the propeller of a plane?
E: No that’s only if you have a cape.
C: Invisibility. Because then I could play invisible. He’d be flying around the drum set and I’d be invisible. People would actually come to see us then!

Who is your biggest modern inspiration?
E: John Spencer and Jack White.
C: I don’t know anyone modern.
E: You’re just gonna say Captain Sensible.
C: Yeah! I would say Captain Sensible. Like Captain Sensible’s amazing! I just don’t listen to a lot of new music. You (pointing to Emmett) listen to a lot more new music than I do.

Then who is your biggest old inspiration?
C: For jazz organ, Jimmie Smith. He’s the biggest musical inspiration. The Damnned, I love their comedic style. I love their slap happy random songs. Like These Hands!
E: Are you sure you’re not talking about The Dickies?
C: No These Hands dude. They have some amazing songs!

Do you believe in mythical creatures? If so what ones?
E: Bigfoot.
C: Well I believe that I might be a mythical creature.
E: You were found on the railroad track so you think you’re…
C: I believe I might be something. I might be a unicorn in disguise. I probably believe in… Pygmies?
E: Pygmies are real! They’re not mythical, they actually exist.
C: Oh man, what’s mythical?
E: Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot…
C: Bigfoot. Bigfoot is real.
E: At least Harry from Harry and The Hendersons.



*For reference: Cullen of Archie and The Bunkers on the left, Captain Sensible on the right.