After only being together a little over a year, the five young members of The Candescents are set to release their new album “Bedheads” on July 10th. They’ve already begun to garner a good response in the local scene, pulling out a solid number people to most of the shows they play. The crowds so far seem to be receiving them well, they almost brought down the house last time I saw them, literally! (but that’s a story for another time) So after seeing them live and loving it, I pulled together some of our contributors to review their new single “Back of Your Hand”

Annalisa Hartlaub

They seem to be following the tracks carved by bands like Twin Peaks and The Orwells. Fitting perfectly into an ever-emerging sub-genre of modern garage rock that I can only describe as suburban kids who love Iggy Pop and The Pixies and just want to be rockstars. That may sound like a cut, but it’s not. They do it fantastically well, hitting that sweet spot between rock and pop. It’s clean, well produced, and tight. Their single is filled with youth and energy and could easily get people moving and moshing at a local dive; but it’s not too fuzzy or scrappy to deter mainstream listeners.

Rob Cohen

I really liked it.  Solid pop hooks,  good band.  The guitar and production are great.  Would be a great live show.

Stephanie Garber

This is a very current sound with tons of swagger! Could hear this song playing right up there in between Cage the Elephant and Arctic Monkeys.  High-energy and in-your face. I like the smooth vocals and the way it’s peppered with those upbeat guitar breaks.

Chip Midnight

Bloody brilliant, these KIDS from COLUMBUS! Tell me it’s a band of twenty-something mod-popsters from the UK and I’d be more likely to believe you. So much to love in a short span of 2 minutes and 8 seconds – the groovy bass, the sharp guitar licks, the snap of the hi-hat cymbal, the eyelids half-shut vocals. If the rest of the EP (due out in July) sounds this great, I’ll have found my summer soundtrack.