As winter in the Midwest continues to grind on, Peter Murphy and David J are prepared to provide the perfect soundtrack to a mid-winter’s gloom next Thursday at the Columbus Athenaeum theater. The former members of now defunct classic post punk group Bauhaus are currently on tour performing their seminal 1980 classic album In the Flat Field in it’s entirety.

The appearance of frontman Peter Murphy along  with bassist David J  marks your first chance to hear them performing their classic goth tunes since a reformed (and now since once more defunct) Bauhaus performed in Columbus at the now demolished Polaris Amphitheater opening for Nine Inch Nails in the summer of 2006. I was at the 2006 performance, and at the expense of having my dark rock credentials revoked, was fairly new to the group at the time. Their performance left quite an impression on me and I look forward to having a second chance at hearing some of the classic Bauhaus tunes performed live now that I have more familiarity with their catalog. The 1930’s era theater the Columbus Athenaeum should provide a more fitting atmosphere for the dark atmospheric songs than their day time amphitheater opening set did back in 2006 as well.  It’l be my first visit to the theater since they recently began hosting live events and I’m looking forward to experiencing the space with such a fitting act. In addition to the In the Flat Field album, the duo have been performing an encore set of classic Bauhaus songs, as well as throwing in some covers like David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust”.

If you’re a fan of goth, industrial, dark wave, post punk, etc, and you’re like me circa 2006 and not that familiar with the band, the odds are they influenced someone you really dig. And when bands get around to celebrating “40 Years” of their music, you never know when you’ll get another chance. Do yourself a favor and binge the In the Flat Field album and check it out.

The show is presented by CD1025 and Celebrity Etc. Tickets are $45 and available at Used Kids Records, Magnolia Thunderpussy and by clicking here.