Author: Ben Dahl

The Columbus Music Scene, Could It Grow?

The Columbus music scene is the hidden gem of the Midwest. From The Basement, LC, and A&R on Neil up through Skully’s and The Newport on North High Street, there is a vibrant and active music culture that spans across all age-ranges and tastes. There are even scattered music bars around in the different suburbs of Columbus. Flannagan’s hosts the occasional summer concert. Keystone Pub in Polaris has weekly shows. There’s The Bluestone on Broad Street and many others scattered throughout. But of course the highest concentration of venues will always be down between Neil Ave and High Street. All of these venues add to the vibrant and active Columbus life. But what Columbus doesn’t have is a highly concentrated area of live music venues. While Park Street offers dance clubs and bars, there are seldom bands performing live in them. And, yes, on any given weekend there are a number of shows to see, but they are all concert oriented. You buy your tickets, call a taxi, have a few drinks, and then either find a bar afterwards or go home (both of which you’ll probably have to find a ride for). This is where there is opportunity for growth. I like to think of Nashville. Nashville is legendary for their Broadway strip of live music bars that all have music pouring out of them from open to...

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Show’s On, Tune In, Get Out: Corey Smith

Corey Smith, a regular at the Newport Music Hall, is coming once again to play his wide variety of country music. He has a pure and refreshing approach to writing country music. His songs range from picking up girls on the backroads in his truck to reminiscing on a true love’s first dance. Smith lays it all out there for the audience. His three-piece band looks like a group of friends on stage. They don’t do anything fancy or over the top. Their performance is really all about the music. It is also clear how relaxed all the band members are on stage. They have just as good a time as the crowd. Smith isn’t afraid to have a jam session with his bassist or slow down the performance to engage the audience. Smith and his audience have a unique dynamic where they play the same venues on their tours as often as possible. They are with the venues they play and the crowds they get to see. Smith’s most recent album While the Getting’ is Good is a complete feel-good album. There is not a sad song from start to finish (except maybe “Bend,” the last song on the album). So expect a show full of old hits and songs that, if you don’t already know them, you’ll be sure to get your hands on after the show. Details: Date: Saturday,...

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Show’s On, Tune In, Get Out: Space Pony & One in the Chamber

We’ve got another great rock show going on in Columbus this weekend. Space Pony is playing with Buried in Concrete, Groot, and One in the Chamber. These bands span the range from Pearl Jam to Pantera with Space Pony and One in the Chamber at the ends of the spectrum respectively. So, what I’m telling you is that, if you like rock of any kind, then you will hear something you like at this show. Space Pony has that in your face, 90’s attitude that explodes into ragged, ear-pleasing rock out of smooth riffs. They have a distinct sound and seem to know what they are after musically. Don’t miss these guys! One in the Chamber is much more of your classic Pantera like pounding, heavy metal band. Their musical feel would fit into a 99.7 The Blitz playlist. Get you details here: Showtime: 8:00 PM Location: O’Sheckys Live Bar & Restaurant – The Continent Shopping Center, 6240 Busch Blvd, Columbus, OH 43229 614-436-5656 Live long and rock.  ...

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Show’s On, Tune In, Get Out: Eternal Summers

  The cold weather is finally here, the snow has fallen, and, as much as we missed building snowmen, we didn’t miss the biting cold. So let’s talk summer. Eternal Summers has a summer time vibe that will warm up your winter. They are playing at the Ace of Cups this Saturday. Their songs like “You Kill,” “Together or Alone,” and “Gold and Stone” (the title track of their most recent album) will remind you what it feels like to roll the windows down, turn the radio up, and just cruise through a warm summer evening. It is the kind of show that will leave you nostalgic about the warm weather and in the mood for some hot chocolate. What’s a better way to spend a winter night than warming your spirit? Event Details: Location: Ace of Cups – 2619 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202 614-262-6001 Doors: 6:00 PM Tickets: $8 for 21+ / $10 for 18+ Opener:...

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Favorite Columbus Thing From 2015: Ben Dahl

My favorite thing I experienced in Columbus this past year was Rock on the Range. This is a special music festival each year for the heavy metal fans of the midwest. Every year it harbors the unique and uproarious atmosphere that makes it a one of a kind experience. It is louder, heavier, and more enthusiastic than similar festivals in the surrounding area, and this is largely thanks to the promotional work of Loper and Randi whose morning show on 99.7 The Blitz unites a community of metal heads across all of Columbus. Every year, Rock on the Range is the weekend I...

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