Author: Annalisa Hartlaub

#FBF: Cbus Summer 2015

Flashback Friday or Throwback Thursday it’s all the same. Relive a little bit of Columbus’s music filled summer on film. Jacco Gardner and his band at 4th and 4th Fest. Alicia Bognanno of “Bully” at CD102.5 Summerfest. Young fans scream during One Direction’s show at Ohio Stadium. Kelly of “The Lemons” shows off her lip tattoo reading “Whatever” after their show at Seventh and Son Brewing. “The Reciever” performing during 2nd annual Beach Fuzz The Candescents playing Spacebar for their “Bedheads” release...

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The Lemons Interview

The Lemons at 4th & 4th Fest from left to right: Lemon Fresh, Juicy James, John Lemon aka Max, Kelly Nothing (kneeling), Dee Dee Lemone, Billy Sour, Kimmie Slice aka Esther (Not pictured Chris Twist) *Please let it be noted that Chris Twist aka Krame aka Chris Kramer was asleep on and off during this interview    What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on stage? Juicy James: Oh! On stage? Lemon Fresh: Why don’t you describe last night. I don’t know if that counts as a lemons show… JJ: That’s offstage. Can we talk about offstage? Annalisa: Yeah, of course! JJ: One of The Lemons had sex with two guys last night. LF: Possibly two guys. JJ: Possibly two guys, maybe one guy. Were in the g in this interview. LF: Well definitely two people. JJ: So we’ve had sex with two people in one night last night. LF: He barfed on… JJ: I barfed on somebody… we’ve barfed on people had sex with them in the alleys. On stage though, we keep it okay. Kimmy Slice: You’re making us look so bad. That’s just two of the members it doesn’t represent us. The two bad apples. LF: Kimmie Slice you know was slicing some cheese and baking crackers, making some cheesy crackers. JJ: Max! What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on stage? Max: You know I’m Mr. Mellow...

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Jacco Gardner Interview

Who are the most underrated musicians/songwriters? Kurt Boucher is an underrated songwriter in my opinion, Billy Nicholls as well. There’s just so many songwriters I know of, that I know a lot of people don’t know that I really like, but I don’t know if they’re underrated because of that. I’m not sure if the whole world would agree with me, but I think they’re underrated. Tom Rapp from Pearls before Swine, he’s totally underrated. Mort Garson, he’s an electronic musician. He did a album with a project called the Zodiac and they recorded with The Wrecking Crew, there was also a studio band that recorded with The Beach Boys and The Association and all these other bands, they’re really good, and that record is really great. He did some electronic synth stuff too that I really like. Also Duncan Browne. If you could tour with any band, who would you tour with? that’s a good question, but it’s kind of a tough one. I’m not sure if I really consider myself a touring musician. I tour a lot more than many musicians do, but i still feel like I’m a studio guy. as my ambition is not really touring, it’s easier for my to think what band I would like to record with. Who would you like to record with? I guess that would the Wrecking Crew because...

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Archie and The Bunkers Interview

Before playing their first Columbus show, organ-punk band Archie and The Bunkers answered a couple questions for Columbus Calling. The band is composed of two young brothers Emmett (vocals and drums) and Cullen (organ and vocals) who both hail from Lakewood, Ohio. Who was the first punk musician/band? Emmett: Punk music in general is just rock’n’roll music. You can go back all the way to Buddy Holly and say he did it or go after them and say the Stones and say they did it. I think Iggy Pop did it. Cullen: The Damned. I think Iggy Pop is pretty punk though. Like the early Stooges stuff or The Damned. They have that attitude that can’t be matched. Who is the most underrated musician or songwriter? C: Captain Sensible! E: Hahaha no, no, no. Probably the Woggles. C: The Woggles yeah! E: They’re amazing and they put on AMAZING performances. What animals would describe your personalities? C: Captain Sensible, he’s an animal. E: No. That’s a hard question he would probably be… C: Pig! (pointing to Emmett) E: You would probably be a chimpanzee. If you could go anywhere in space, what would you do? C: Play a show! Just play music in outer space. E: But you can’t hear it in outer space! C: We are not getting that scientific. If I could do anything I would just...

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Bully Interview

Bully is currently touring America with Best Coast and on June 18th they played the Newport. Alicia Bognanno is the fiery onstage front woman of the Nashville-based punk band. Offstage Alicia is probably one of the sweetest, friendliest musicians I’ve ever met. She’s probably also the coolest person I’ve ever eaten pizza in a bathroom with. While she gnawed on a quick slice from Mikey’s after her set, she answered a couple questions in the quietest spot we could find in the Newport, the bathroom. It’s a friday night and you’re not on tour, where are you, what are you doing? I’m sitting at my house watching netflix and hanging out with my dog. What do you like to watch? I haven’t gotten to watch netflix for almost a month! So I binged watched the new season of OITNB last night. What is your favorite comic book? I love “Unloveable” by Ester Pearl Watson. It’s based off a diary she found in the girl’s bathroom in the 80s. It’s a really hilarious graphic novel about a really awkward teenager. It’s awesome! If you could play in any venue or at any festival, what’s the dream? I want to play Primivera [Sound] in Spain. I’ve never been there so I think that’d be awesome. Who would you consider the be the most underrated musician/songwriter? I have no idea… I don’t...

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