Anchored by Happy Chichester, there were a few different Howlin Maggie lineups throughout the years. Most probably remember the Honeysuckle Strange lineup (Andy Harrison on guitars, Jim Rico on bass, Jerome Dillon on drums) since that debut album featured the band’s biggest hits, “Alcohol” and “I’m a Slut“. The follow up to Honeysuckle Strange took 5 years to come out and featured a revamped lineup (Lance Ellison, Christian Hurd, Carlton Smith), but Hyde was a great – if under-appreciated – release by one of the bands from the ’90s that made it off High Street.

So, here’s the deal … Happy’s label PopFly Music is celebrating its 15th year as a label and throwing a little party featuring Howlin Maggie playing two dates – one in Cincinnati and one in Columbus. While focusing on playing Hyde from front to back, Howlin Maggie (Happy, Jim Rico, Carlton Smith, Lance Ellison – with some help from Joey Hebdo) expect to hear songs from Honeysuckle Strange as well.

Check out MY favorite song from Hyde and wonder, along with me, why this song isn’t played at stadiums across the nation.