Month: February 2017

Saturday: Max & Iggor Cavalera at the Alrosa

Yeah, I’ll admit it … I missed out on the whole Sepultura thing back in the mid-90s. The band came of age in the transition between grunge and nu metal and while I don’t shy away from HEAVY metal, I just sort of assumed the Brazilian band would be a bit too brutal for my liking. So, here we are, 21 years after the release of Sepultura’s sixth studio album, Roots, and I’m finally paying attention. There’s no denying by this point in their career, the band was incorporating some of what was going on around them (aka “groove metal”) and – for 1996 – made a very relevant-sounding album that fit in with some of the bands whose popularity was skyrocketing (namely Korn). Founding vocalist Max Cavalera left Sepultura at the conclusion of the Roots tour and his brother, drummer Iggor, left ten years later (the two formed Cavalera Conspiracy in 2007). With an opportunity to go back and celebrate the anniversary of Max’s last album with Sepultura, the brothers hit the road last year to perform Roots in it’s entirety and that tour has extended into the new year bringing the Cavalera brothers to the Alrosa this Saturday night. This will be a chance for me to catch up on something I missed and I suspect the Alrosa will be packed with metalheads moshing like it’s 1996....

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Friday: Welshly Arms at Rumba

There are people in Columbus who saw The Black Keys and/or John Mayer at Little Brothers, Gary Clark Jr at Woodlands Tavern, twenty-one pilots at Kobo. Now, I’m definitely not saying that someday Welshly Arms will be headlining Nationwide Arena – believe me, I’ve made some pretty far-fetched and foolish predictions in the past – but the Cleveland-based blues-rock band is on track to start reaching much bigger audiences in, dare I say, the very-near future. After spending the summer opening for NEEDTOBREATHE and playing to large crowds, Welshly Arms returned to Cleveland in November for a headlining show at the House of Blues that I attended. I’m terrible with guestimating crowd sizes but I’d say there were at least 500 people to welcome the band home and it felt more like a national band’s tour stop than a gig for a local band. When I asked a friend of mine if he was going to the show, he said, “No. Ohio already has one Black Keys, that’s all I need” and, to be fair, there are some similarities between the two bands but Welshly Arms contains additional members, including two back-up singers (reminds me of Columbus band Nick Tolford and Company), who fill out the sound. Whether or not Welshly Arms has built a Columbus following remains to be seen – personally, I think Rumba is a little...

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