Month: December 2016

Last minute Christmas deal from Anyway Records

Looking for some last minute Christmas gifts for your vinyl-loving, local-music friend or family member? Anyway Records is offering an AMAZING deal – four of the label’s best 2016 releases for $40 (postage included for those who need it shipped). The records included in this bunch are: Earwig – Pause for the Jets St. Lenox – Ten Hymns from My American Gothic Mary Lynn – My Animal Connections – Midnight Run You may have read about these releases on some year end “Best of” lists like Popmatters, All Music, Blurt and more which makes this deal all the more incredible. Send Anyway Records a message via Facebook or email to take advantage of this insanely good...

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E @ Big Room Bar / Dec. 4

There was no college radio station – at least not like I expected – at OSU when I went there in the late ’80s/early ’90s so discovering so-called “college rock” was something I had to do on my own. This typically meant spending time searching through the bins at the basement-level Used Kids location, listening to whatever Ron or Bela or Dan or Jerry was playing and, before I got to actually know these guys, sheepishly trying to identify the artist without having to ask. Truthfully, not sure how Come’s 11:11 cassette ended up in my collection – Did I hear it at Used Kids? Did I read about it? Did I buy it because it was on Matador Records? – but it did and while, admittedly, it wasn’t as grungy as the SubPop and SubPop-related stuff I was listening to in ’92, it was the type of music I had hoped to hear on a college radio station – lo-fi, noisy, dissonant,  scarred and bruised, lacking glossy, sing-a-long choruses. Thalia Zedek was making noise before Come (Live Skull, Uzi) and has continued to make noise long after that band’s demise. While Zedek may not be a well-known name in the mainstream alt-rock world, her influence on decades of musicians whose start was in a basement or a garage or a dimly-lit practice space is indisputable. In 2016 alone,...

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